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2017 roadmap Build: 3.*

  • Medical Reporting → multiple patients, observations & improved format for structured responses
  • Flight → new feature to allow the recording of a tasking that was stood down prior to engine start.
  • Flight → option to formally record flights with nil flying
  • Flight → option to attach training 'badges' to flight crew for training and soft skill tracking
  • Ground Training → improved options for dual role crew to record training under multiple disciplines
  • Licenses → option to upload version controlled copies of crew licenses
  • Dashboard → new tiles - 'Power by Hour', LIMSAR Reasons and Response KPI
  • Dashboards → new fixed range date option on Service Availability tile
  • Dashboards → new tile, days off warnings
  • Logbook → option to hide training currencies for roles that do not require it
  • Waypoints → improved export feature - introduction of KML
  • Waypoints → new import feature to facilitate offline or external management of geo data

August 2017 core Build: 3.1

  • Flight → New flying schedule/weekly planner and updated pre-flight form
  • Reporting → Option to display accrued flight times as decimal (HH.D) or HH:MM
  • Training → Show visiting crew alongside local crew on currency wall chart
  • Training → Improved display of personal currency frameworks on currency wallchart
  • Permissions → Option to retire or update old user access levels
  • Logbooks → Option for admins to control actual/forecast status of crew duty hours
  • Messages → Inbox, sent items and messages needing a response are now shown as tabs
  • Messages → New admin option to view all sent items in a fleet
  • Minor other stability and performance updates throughout
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May 2017 core Build: 3.0

  • Messages → facility to directly message individuals or groups and track responses.
  • Dashboards → new optional 'light' theme
  • Dashboards → service and fleet availability tile is now digest enabled
  • Watch Notes → option to request and track a crew responses
  • Training → option to attach specific training requirements to users based on their default aircraft type
  • Manage Users → option for users to define next of kin contact details
  • Minor other stability and performance updates throughout
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Mar 2017 core Build: 2.54

  • Aircraft → option to define scheduled/unscheduled status of an outage
  • Aircraft → option to define maintenance status of aircraft during an outage
  • Checks → facility to prevent exiting a renewal record once a change is made, without saving
  • Checks → improvements to type filtering options throughout
  • Checks → option for students to self-authorise a check renewal
  • Flight → notifications presented when multiple remote authors are working on the same report
  • Flight → improvements to incident location maps and geo-location tools
  • Kit → enhanced maintenance requirement rules (option to mix usage count and calendar rules)
  • Kit → option to attach documentation to parts
  • Dashboards → creating and sharing an editable dashboard is now tracked in your share history
  • Dashboards → option to add tile metrics to personalised notification emails
  • General → added user role options available throughout for engineers, students and instructors
  • Minor other stabilty and performance updates throughout
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30 Jan 2017 core Build: 2.53.7

  • Watch Start → option to merge 12hr and 24hr roster activity types in both AM and PM duty crew lists.
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20 Dec 2016 core Build: 2.53.6

  • Flight → new option to record the time and position of a sortie being stood down.
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27 Sep 2016 core Build: rc2.53.5

  • Manage Users → new option to grant Manage Users access without the ability to create new users
  • Manage Users → new option to restrict access to update and reset users login credentials
  • Manage Users → include DOB and employment start date on user list export
  • Manage Users → option to define a medic license/practitioner registration number (i.e. EMT or Paramedic) that can be displayed on medical CPD exports and job summaries
  • Manage Users/Account → option to define a personal timezone to over ride duty location defaults
  • Flight → option to define incident locations via a grid reference and preview/adjust location via map
  • Flight → option to copy details from the 'Position of Incident' to the 'Casualty Located' fields and preview/adjust via map
  • Dashboards → new option to create a new dashboard that defaults to the viewers 'Home Location' (feature was previous only available when editing an existing dashboard)
  • Bugfix → resolve issue where users could define multiple 'default' dashboards
  • Logbook → option to enable B1/B2 engineers to track duty hours via standard crew logbooks
  • Crew Roster → option to display crew who have not verified their rolling duty accruals within the last 14 days
  • Roster Activity Report → improved handling of crew 'work' locations
  • Watch Notes [tile] → now comes with a CSV export option
  • Annual Leave Audit [tile] → logic and speed improvements throughout and improved auto calculation of new employee entitlements
  • Check Authorisations [tile] → summary of checks authorised within a defined date range
  • Duty Accrual Status [tile] → summary of crew with an FTL duty accrual still in a 'forecast' state after a period of days (i.e. 'crew with duty hours not confirmed as actual after 14 days')
  • Minor other stability and performance updates throughout
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23 Aug 2016 core Build: 2.53.4

  • Training → option to apply approved extension requests to all aircraft types, i.e. where training unit achievements are portable across your fleet.
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10 Aug 2016 core Build: 2.53.3

  • Kit → servicing options allow rules to be applied to items only in defined service states - for example when an item is in use but not when in storage.
  • Kit → new option to use the date 'last in use' rather than the date 'last serviced' to generate the next service due date. This allows you to start a service date counter from the date an item 'was taken out of the bag' as opposed to when it was actually last serviced.
  • Kit → 'part types' are now configurable at parent company or contract level if default types are unsuitable
  • Kit → service and inspection rules are now fully editable
  • Dashboard → new option to control the ability for users to create their own dashboards
  • Dashboard → new option to select 'Home Location' for a tile or dashboard setting to allow further personalisation.
  • Dashboard → new option to define multiple 'admins' for each dashboard so a team can share responsibility for managing group metrics
  • Dashboard → new option to hand ownership of a dashboard from one person to another
  • Dashboard → new option to share a dashboard with groups of users across one of more entire contracts
  • iCal → improved user feedback when an iCal feed is linked to a dashboard or tile that has since been made inactive
  • Dashboard → fix iOS display issue where dashboard sharing history was not always visible
  • Dashboard → fix autocomplete user lists where either not appearing or appearing empty when sharing dashboards that have already been shared
  • Tasking Count [tile] → update to exclude sorties that have been excluded from the local count
  • Watch Notes [tile] → new option to sort results by date in either ascending or descending order and now has real time access to diary notes with iCal integration options to sync your mobile, desktop or tablet device
  • Live Base and Fleet Status [tile] → now includes the status of locations with no aircraft
  • Checks → Highlight 'automated' versus 'user' updates to check renewals in the event log
  • Checks → new option to view, filter and export all future renewals (i.e. including those that are currently in a green status)
  • Checks → new 'unread' count on checks overview indicates the renewals that have had updates (both system notices and user comments) since you last viewed them
  • Logbook → new option for crew to set their duty accrual to 'actual' (from 'forecast') by date range
  • Watch Notes → major update with the following new features:
    • Facility to upload multiple attachments per message
    • Notes can now be categorised into predefined groups with the option for permission controlled 'Safety' and 'Standards' notes (useful when filtering the watch notes dashboard tile by type of message - i.e. "Safety & Standards only")
    • Option to make a note private which ensures that it will only be visible to local flight crew at the locations the note is visible at
    • Powerful repeat controls allow you to add the same note to any pattern of multiple future dates. Useful for routine periodic checks that can be planned months or years in advance
    • Option to display your note at multiple locations. For example; "a routine task to be completed every Monday and Thursday at bases A, B and C for a 12 week period starting in two months time, with the enclosed attachments"
  • General → improvement to UI controls where a user is granted access but with very limited permissions
  • Remote Fuel Stores → stock status, in-flight updates, dashboard overview
  • Minor other stabilty and performance updates throughout
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06 Jul 2016 core Build: 2.53.2

  • New dashboard tiles - Image Viewer, Tasking Heatmap, Recent Training, All Training, Active Congested &
    Hostile Landing Sites
    , Duty and Flying Max Accruals, Duty and Flying Max Summary, Taskings by Bearing & Range
  • Improvements to 'rolling' date options for both dashboards and tiles
  • Flight Departures tile now comes with date settings
  • Option to hide 'request a tile' feature
  • Hotfix - Fleet and Live Status tiles now exclude retired aircraft
  • Update to include day and month on 'rolling year' date settings (e.g. "previous 1 year starting 13 Jun")
  • Totals 'per base' and 'all bases' are now included in 'Hours Flown' tile
  • Checks status view on crew logbooks now sorted alphabetically
  • Option now available to automatically define different FTL schemes at different times of the year
  • Kit module 'assemblies' now available
  • Flying and Duty accrual tiles now include an option to filter by actual and/or forecast state
  • Flight crew logbook F&D accrual export can now be tailored to match the active columns on screen
  • New dashboard tiles with 'iCal' calender integration - Roster Changes, Next Duties and Check Renewals
  • Option to view categorised 3rd party training (Ground v Live)
  • Improvements to administrator user flow when searching for and adding agency teams
  • Next due dates for kit serials 'in storage' are now available via the inventory overview
  • Minor other stabilty and performance updates throughout
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29 May 2016 core Build: 2.53.1

  • New option to interpret check next due dates as either exact, or within +/- one day of an anniversary
  • New option to revert rejected check renewals to an un-rejected state once they are updated
  • Checks overview 'overdue' filter option can now either include or exclude active renewals. Excluded by default.
  • Reports Update to SAR Overview to exclude invalid linked sorties
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30 Apr 2016 core Build: 2.53.0

  • New 'License and Checks' module
  • Hotfix relating to selection of agency units via sortie report
  • Update to optionally reassign aircraft contracts when moving between bases
  • Option to define flight crew as 'Line Only' which influences their training requirement
  • Roster crew sort order is now persistent when dragged
  • Aircraft serviceability updates now include 'LIMSAR' feature
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27 Apr 2016 geo API Build: 1.3.1

  • Minor post-release update
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